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Product Description

  • Beaded Phone Charm Strap

The most popular accessories for your summer 2022. 

The beaded phone strap with heart, pearl charm would highlight the youthful atmosphere. 

It's the perfect gift for birthday, Valentine's day, graduation ceremony, school opening, traveling party.

Over hundreds of new designs are releasing in each month.  Contact us for more details! 


  • How to order? 
  1. Fashion accessories at wholesale prices for just 10pcs/design
  2. Custom designs available at 100pcs/design

Cannot find what you want? Email us your designs or have a Whats App online chat. 
We will check for you if we have the identical designs at wholesale prices.
If not, we will explain the custom-design process to you and its estimated costs for your reference.

Email-JR-Jewelry Email: service@jr-earring.com
Whatsapp-JR-Jewelry WhatsApp: 886-958-802-677

Category Spring/Summer 2023, Fashion Accessories, Keychains
Collection Poly/Resin, Acrylic, Epoxy/Enamel