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Customized Jewelry MOQ:10pcs/per design

We are a China Jewelry manufacturer with 10 years of experience specializing in custom jewelry. Our experienced master goldsmiths can fulfil your wishes for all kinds of customizations in our workshop in JR Fashion. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer service while providing quality craftsmanship. JR can virtually design and create any type of custom jewelry from the simplest to the most complex design.

If you have a specific design in mind, JR Fashion is here to make your jewelry dreams come true!

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Custom-made Jewelry manufacturer

The Custom Made Process

Discuss design ideas, suggestions, and budget with our Sales. Rept. – your guide to the custom made jewelry experience 
Get it designed, a CAD drawing, a computer-aided design that will be drawn to scale, depicting your design accurately to you. 
Once you approve the CAD design, we shall start opening the mold and use cast your jewelry in the metal of your choice 
In bulk production, once the approval sample is approved, we will proceed to produce for bulk orders with packing requirements you may need for your products.


The Custom Made Process

If you’re an independent designer or business owner who’s looking for reputable jewelry manufacturing in China, or Taiwan to partner with you in bringing your creative vision to life, JR Fashion Accessories has the experience and technology you need. We go above and beyond your expectations, sticking by your side from the first inkling of an idea to the final, finished product.

one-to-one service jewelry

JR Fashion has been complemented by a well-equipped and managed factory with one on one service. We will strictly control all details of the jewelry. Here is the one-stop team to serve you.

We offer the best practice standards for jewelry manufacture with a fully hand-polished way to make sure the product is being produced in its’ finest way.
Different types of materials, plating colors, and the plating thickness could be requested and achieve REACH & California's Proposition 65 Requirements.

full quality assurance procedures

We set up a full quality assurance procedure that will ensure you receive a standardized uniform high-quality product.

Custom Jewelry at Factory Direct Services

We offer custom-made necklaces, pendants, custom-made bracelets, custom-made rings, custom-made earrings, custom-made lapel pins, hair accessories, and more others.


Various Custom Jewelry Service

Custom Jewelry Packaging Service

One-stop service from product design to shipping.  As your trustworthy business partner, we offer custom-made packaging with your logo service as well.  This helps you to extend your brand, through your logo, custom colors, and style choices.


custom jewelry packaging

Whether you're looking for help with custom made of special kind pieces or simple pieces of jewelry that provide you with affordable prices and good quality, we're happy to oblige

custom-made jewelry customers feedback

Why Do Over 100 Countries Across Asia Choose 

JR Fashion Accessories for Custom Made Jewelry Manufacturer

  1. 10 Years of Manufacturer experience in Jewelry and Accessories
  2. Simple Custom Made process for placing order 
  3. OEM/ODM services are welcomed
  4. Eco-friendly material and plating are coated with electroplating
  5. Strictly Quality-Control management
  6. competitive price to afford
  7. Fast delivery 
  8. Small, Low Quantity orders are accepted
  9. Excellent after-sales services 

If you are sourcing for jewelry manufacturing in China, or Taiwan that you can trust, look no further than JR Fashion Accessories. We guarantee you will have a good working experience with JR.  We’ll be glad to serve you at any time! 

Custom Jewelry Service welcome to inquiry

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- Wholesale Bracelets- https://www.jr-earring.com/Jewelry/Bracelets
- Wholesale Bangles- https://www.jr-earring.com/Jewelry/Bangles
- Wholesale Brooches- https://www.jr-earring.com/Jewelry/Brooches
- Wholesale Clutch Pins- https://www.jr-earring.com/Jewelry/Clutch-Pins
- Custom Jewelry- https://www.jr-earring.com/OEM-ODM/Custom-Jewelry

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